Welcome to AustNode IRC Network

We are an Globally Based Network with server coverage all over the word. Our goal is to provide a friendly, enjoyable, chat experience for our users with the latest technology available

Our goals include:

  • A stable server network, running the latest IRC and internet technologies in order to minimize downtime whilst continuing to offer a feature-rich interface.
  • Accessibility, through mechanisms such web applets and assistance with IRC clients.
  • Entertainment in the form of network-operated games and entertainment channels.
  • A network free from abuse, interruption and operator intimidation.
  • Growing IRC community with user satisfaction in mind.
  • Staff are very friendly and approachable anytime for your queries and or help. We aim to be unique in this area.
  • AustNode could be the perfect place to hang out or even register your own channel to invite your friends!
  • If you would like to make a contribution by making a monetary donation, please click here

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