This is for the channel #AustNode not the network

1) If you’re having a bad day fair enough, you are free to vent in the channel, just don’t abuse other users just because of it
2) If you’re still having a bad day, being a cock prick pickle little twaddle puffer isn’t going to change that so please don’t harm our little IRC community, that will drive our little user base away not want to come back and that is a big issue i don’t want happening ever again
3) Feel free to go to those bigger networks such as quakenet/rizon if you want to fight with strangers on the internet, where they have thousands of users still, DO NOT destory our little Aussie IRC Network because you can’t control you’re temper tantrums
4) Please do not come onto our little IRC network if you still feel you can’t be civil
5) Remember to be friendly and nice to everyone

Rules created by channel owner Rain version 1.0 – 13/04/2021