Staff Rules and Guidelines version 2.0

Staff Rules and Guidelines version 2.0 – (In Trial Mode And is in current in effect)

** Sometimes being Blunt and Direct is the only way so don’t take offense to this **

1) Follow the Community Rules yourself. Nothing’s worse than a shitty admin/mod that can’t adhere to the rules they’re supposed to be enforcing.

2) Warn first, then mute. Our first line of defense should be issuing a warning by using the -warn command, rather than quick-firing a -mute (tempshun), -kick, or -ban. Give people a chance to see that they’re doing something wrong.

3) Do not kick, ban, mute, voice chat mute, or otherwise restrict anyone unless they have violated one of the Community Rules This includes banning people for personal reason Don’t do that. Generally, a mute is advised in most cases, while a kick/ban is reserved for the more serious situations or obvious spam bots.

4) When enforcing rules, every case must be handled individually without being biased or prejudiced. Pretty self-expanitory.

5) Do not kick/ban/mute/repremand anyone for expressing their opinions, unless it is explicitly hate speech or harrassing.

6) Glineing of a regular will require a 48 hour vote period/discussion – newbies do not qualify for the vote ofcourse, if they come in being a fuckwit they deserve to get glined because they being a cunt-pickle-puffer

7) Can All Staff Members please sure some maturity and have a real conversation at times so regular users don’t leave in digust

8) No Staff Member is above these rules so please follow them