Network Rules – Terms of Service

AustNode IRC Network is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network created to
provide a safe chat environment with responsive IRC Operators (IRCops).
AustNode is a private, moderated network

Reminder: IRC may not be suitable for persons under the age of majority within your respective countries origin.
It is recommended by AustNode Administration that parents
please supervise their childs’ IRC session.

By connecting to AustNode or using any related services or channels on AustNode you abide by the network terms of service.
Failure to follow these rules may lead to disciplinary punishment.
If you don’t agree with the network rules, please do not use any services related to AustNode.

You are free to connect and join #Support for discussing our Network Rules at anytime

We have the right to change/modify the network rules at our sole discretion

Prohibited on AustNode:

1. Hate Speech – You may not use any type of language or speech which is harmful towards a person, religion, race or sexual orientation.

2. Harassment – You may not harass users in any form. Spamming them with private messages, CTCPs and other annoying things can all fall under this rule

3. Spamming – You may not advertise any external channels, services, websites or content without channel owner or channel admin permissions beforehand.

4. Illegal Activities – Anything not allowed by law in any country is prohibited on AustNode. This includes DDoS, botnetting and other malicious scripts.

5. No copyrighted materials, and pornographic files on the network, and the use of any nicknames or channels towards these banned activities,
is strictly PROHIBITED on the AustNode IRC Network

6. Ban Evasion – You may not evade any channel or network ban – This may lead to us contacting your ISP and opening an abuse report.

7. Open Proxies – We operate a scanner which should pick out open proxies,
however any that should slip through are breaking the network rules.

8. Just don’t be an idiot and you wont get banned – Simple.

Staff reserve the right to issue punishments even if the reason is not listed in the terms of service.

Bot policy:

1. Bots may only join a channel if the channel owner has given full permission or the channel states that bots may join without permission.
2. Bots must not flood, spam or break any network rules.
3. DCC bots are strictly prohibited on the network.

vHost policy:
1. vHosts cannot be racist, harmful or flaming towards anyone or anything.
2. vHosts may not be used for any type of ban evasion.

Last revision: 29/06/2019